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Family Business Assessment Tool

Business Partners Assessment Tool

Welcome to the home page of The Family Business Assessment Tool® and The Business Partners Assessment ToolTM. These Assessment Tools pinpoint the critical issues which must be addressed for improved communication, business planning, and management and ownership transitions in closely-held and family-owned businesses. Multiple stakeholders in a closely-held business each completes a questionnaire either on-line or by filling out a questionnaire downloaded from our web-site. Based on the stakeholders' responses, a comprehensive report is written covering twelve factors for business success.

  • The Family Business Assessment Tool® is designed for multi-generation families-in-business where the interaction between two generations drives the critical issues facing the business.

  • The Business Partners Assessment ToolTM is designed for a closely-held business of unrelated owners or for sibling and cousin groups who control a common business.

The Assessment Tool Process is available only through a select group of professional advisors to closely-held and family-owned businesses. For more information about the Assessment Tools, please contact us. A professional advisor in your area will be glad to respond to your request via E-mail to explore your interest and needs.

The Assessment Tool has been thoroughly researched with data collected since 1995. The validity and reliability of the Assessment Tool has been confirmed through objective independent statistical analysis at a major university. Current research results were presented at the 1999 annual conference of the Family Firm Institute and published in the conference proceedings.

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